My treadmill desk makes me happier and extra productive — right here’s why

I like my house workplace chair — deeply. It looks like sitting in a hug.

Earlier than 2020, I might solely see it a number of hours a day. The remainder of the time, I’d work in co-working areas and occasional retailers, which I stroll to. It saved me energetic.

The pandemic modified that — my chair grew to become a part of my physique. I coded there, I had conferences there, I ate my meals there, I comfortable hour’d with pals there, and I watched Netflix there. I rocked my whiny children there. I did every thing in that chair, and my physique began to really feel it.

Everyone knows that exercise plays an important role in our psychological and bodily well-being. As a car-less city-dweller, dropping the flexibility to stroll round and go away my tiny house when the world began to close down weighed closely on my psychological and bodily well being. And, as a mother who now had multiple full-time job, I simply didn’t have time to dedicate to train.

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So I purchased a treadmill for underneath my standing desk. I knew I wanted one thing to get me transferring, and I wanted to have the ability to do it whereas momming, working, or hanging out with pals on Zoom. I wanted to get my butt out of that comfortable chair and get transferring.